Yesterday, we all watched the video called “One Day”. If you haven’t seen it, I have it linked below. In the spirit of “One Day”, here is what my 10 year old type 1 diabetic did today.

We woke her up at 7am, so she could get up and eat breakfast, as we had a full day planned. That requires a finger poke. After breakfast and getting dressed, Major alerted. Another finger poke. In the car on the way to dock diving, Raven alerted. Finger poke. After being there an hour, no alerts happened, but I wanted to know where we stood, in case the dogs wouldn’t alert due to the fun activity, and Stella was perfect but dropping, so we gave some Gatorade to keep her steady. 2 more finger pokes while we were there to make sure dad made a good call.

When we got home, she took a shower and I bathed the labs. Rinsed their ears out too. Major alerted to a low. Finger poke. Off to Dennys for some lunch (Stella wanted breakfast, and Raven stayed home). Another finger poke, and a guess to her carb count for pancakes and a milk shake. (She never had one before). Then a trip to Home Depot, and another alert from Major. Finger poke. When we came home, Raven and Major alerted again. finger poke. About an hour later we did another poke to make sure we were heading in the right direction.

At dinner time another finger poke. Then watched Captain America with the family. Team blackdogsrule alerted to another high. Finger poke. Bedtime. Finger poke. Over the course of the night there will be several more. Today was a normal day. Typical day. A good day. A well managed diabetic day. Yes, well managed. This was just One Day…

Team Blackdogsrule

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