My girls. I look at this image, and at first it is sad to me. I see and focus on the bringsel on her hip, the alerting tool that a dog will grab when her blood sugar is out of range. I see a CGM on a pouch on her hip. And I see a backpack, with another CGM receiver connected to a cell phone that relays her BS levels to me, with lifesaving tools like a bottle of Gatorade, glucose tabs, and a glucagon needle, her blood sugar meter, and a myriad list of other things for her diabetes. I can’t see it here in this image, but I know that on her left side is a pump that has a tube that is inserted into her abdomen, that provides her with life sustaining insulin.

Then I look again. And I see this amazing dog. This dog that is surrounded by peacocks and squirrels, but is unfazed in this moment, as she does her job of telling her girl that her BS is out of range. It’s high, at 192. And I look closer at this girl. This brave, smart, beautiful little girl. And I realize we are in the beautiful surrounds of the arboretum. Possibly one of the prettiest high alerts I’ve ever captured. And I am thankful. For that dog. For those tools. For the insurance that pays for some of this. For the knowledge and experience that my whole family has gained in the 4 years we’ve been fighting diabetes. For the amazing resolve of this little girl. Knowing that behind this team is a group of people that love and care about her, these dogs, and our family. They work just as hard for our success as we do. And knowing that all of those things work together for the same purpose. To keep my little girl safe and healthy.

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