820794_10200438489822468_188919927_oFor those of you that follow us on Facebook, you know my son is notorious for photobombing my pictures. It’s almost like a gift he has, a knack. At group events, he’s even branched out to photobomb other peoples images.

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Well, last night, while we were doing some more training with Astro, he finally did it. He photobombed a video.

In that video, what we are trying to achieve is to get Astro really amped up to want to get that stick. The stick is loaded up with low scent, the Holy Grail for a DAD to get. We want them to NEED to find that, HAVE to find it. Each day, we are seeing more and more progress. Astro is doing great with following his nose, and we are starting to get some good, solid alerts.

As a matter of fact, last night we had our first 3 DAD alert. With 3 super excited labs, all telling me to go check the girl. Major alerted first, at about 9:30. Stella was 96. Not really a low, but when he alerts, we pay attention. And as it was bed time, that number is not high enough for us to feel safe when putting her to bed.

Not 5 minutes later, all 3 DAD’s alerted. Raven brought me a bringsel, Major put his paws on me, and Astro climbed on me and licked my face (his alert needs a little refinement 😉  ). A really exciting evening. Stella was in the 80’s and dropping, so we got her some Gatorade. 30 minutes later she was in the 100’s, a good sleep number. Great job labbies!


Stella and Astro training


“Hey dad, where does the girl sleep? Maybe you should get her her very own Kuranda!”

Here is a video of Major. You can see how excited he is to go find the scent. Major has what you would call a high prey drive.

And as a follow up to yesterday, here is a fun video of resident clown Raven. I love this girl

Speaking of silly Raven, I need to make a mental note to myself. I have to remember to take the pull toy off the fridge door when working with low scent. That way, I won’t be surprised when Raven opens the fridge, grabs a juice box, brings it to Stella as she and Dash are playing wii, and since Stella didn’t know what was Raven was doing, Raven squeezed too hard trying to get her attention and busted open the juice box. I heard a shriek first, and then Stella asked if dogs could drink juice without getting sick. As I walked into the family room, I noted the open refrigerator door, and the puddle by Stella’s feet. I had JUST been working the scent stick with Raven outside, so when she came in, with Stella’s scent fresh on her mind, she assumed Stella was low. Yes, that really just happened. Your too smart Raven… good girl.

Have a great day!

Team Blackdogsrule

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