Thank you Rachel for logging your “day in the life of a type 1 diabetic”! Rachel is a type 1 and has a DAD in training named Jack (Jack is also the right color 😉  ). Here is her day:

To promote diabetes awareness, I kept track of every time I tested and most of the times I looked at my continuous glucose monitor Dexcom yesterday to make some sort of decision. Yesterday was a pretty average day although I did celebrate my friends birthday last night. A lot of other people did the same thing and you schools check out how much decision making goes into an average day.

1018 Lucky I got to sleep so late. Normally I would have gone low before now. Check Dexcom 93 and steady. Check meter 76. Time for breakfast.

1044 I had two bowls of cereal for breakfast. I bolused in between bowls to let my blood sugar come up some without letting it get too high.

1358 Dexcom says 108 and going down so definitely time for lunch. When I test a few minutes later meter says 100 and Dexcom says 107 and steady but Jack is sticking close so I think I’m going down but I’m already making lunch.

1444 I bolused after eating lunch. I had to estimate the carb count for a new food. Hopefully it’s right.

1609 Jack licks/nibbles my hand, which could have been an alert. Meter says 128. Dexcom says 152 but now has a down arrow. Set a timer and retest in 20.

1636 meter at 94. Dexcom at 114 but no trend info. That’s a drop of almost 2 points per minute so I decide to grab some skittles

1707 meter 120 Dexcom 103 and steady.

1738 Jack alerts. Meter 112 but Dexcom at 127 and steady. Retest in 20 minutes.

1800 meter 110 Dexcom 124

1915 dinner time. We are having pizza. Meter 81. Dexcom 99 and steady. 81 is almost low so I wait a little to bolus even though pizza is notorious for bad highs.

1927 bolused using a combo bolus 65% now and 35% over 2.5 hours

1954 Jack alerts (low). Meter says 98. Dexcom says 112 and steady. Set a timer to retest on 20.

2017 meter says 88. Dexcom says 106 and steady

2024 Jack alerts again meter 91 Dexcom 101 and steady. Drink a little Gatorade to bring up number slightly so Jack isn’t so annoyed.

2241 Forgot to test before ordering a drink with carbs (and alcohol) in it. Meter 197 but Dexcom 163 and steady. Look up carb count but get different answers so average them and hope for the best.

0000 test and bolus for second drink after I’ve finished most if it. Meter 206 Dexcom 192 and steady. Add more correction than suggested since no correction IOB but meal IOB. Correct half of a normal correction.

0051 bedtime. Meter 171. Dexcom192 and steady. 4.65 IOB so no correction. I’ll stay up at least another 30 minutes to try to make sure my numbers don’t tank

0125 retest. Meter 145. Dexcom 155 buy going down. Drink some Gatorade and go to sleep

0440 my sister wakes me up. Meter 48 Dexcom 53. Hopefully chocolate milk and Gatorade will fix this.

0523 I retest. Meter at 118 Dexcom 84 and rising so I can go back to sleep

0710 My Dexcom woke me up. Both read 236. I have to get up soon so I will correct and go back to sleep

0851 (past) time to get up but my meter says 156 and Dexcom says 162 and steady so I can wait on breakfast

0918 breakfast meter 143 Dexcom 139 and steady bolus for breakfast



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