1961986_808783805816520_1941380670_oWe are walking in the JDRF San Diego Chapter Walk to Cure Diabetes. If you would like to donate to us, you can do so here. We are walking with our Canine Hope family, and we all had some new hardware made for the dogs, these awesome CH collars. I took the dogs outside to get some pictures of the collars. The kids were in the house playing with Angus.

10010397_808783809149853_212894378_oAs I was taking pictures, the tell tale nose goes straight up in the air, sniffs for a second, and then Major comes down the stairs and alerts to me. We go back inside and check the girl and sure enough, she is 210. Good high Major. Thank you for always watching your girl.

After that we just took a couple more, I figure we will get a lot tomorrow at the walk. Maybe we will see you there!

20140404-IMG_7136 20140404-IMG_7125Team Blackdogsrule



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  1. Frank, does Raven alert during the day, too? Do both Major and Raven know they have assigned “watches”? I’m curious how the alerts work with both dogs.

    • Frank Wisneski

      Both our dogs alert at home during the day. Most if the time they are within seconds of each other. Raven doesn’t work as well out in public.

  2. Love your blog and looking forward to meeting you! I’ll be helping with Advocacy….