9548083504_5fff53b4cb_oMeet Angus. The newest member of Team Blackdogsrule. 🙂 And I realize he’s not black. Yes, there has been a disturbance in the force. So who is Angus, and why is he here?

9549911221_530e84cbcd_bFor those of you that have been following along for awhile, or know us in real life, you know that we have always had pet dogs. Our family is heavily involved in the pet rescue world, so there have been rescued pups in our house for years. When my wife and I first got together 15 years ago, we each had a dog, Smidge, my Rotty that we lost at 13, and Tully, our Terrier we lost at 16, along with our Great Dane Roxy we rescued who was 8 or 9.


Picture of Smidge, Tully, and Roxy. We lost all 3 in a span of 18 months as all were seniors together

Normally, still having 2 labs would be enough for most. But these particular labs are service dogs, and are treated ever so differently than your regular pet dog. The labs have also become mine and my daughter’s. We do the training, they spend all their time with her, Major sleeps on her bed, and I run/play with them almost daily. So my wife was really missing having her Tully around.

9552700740_928e997ba5_bI volunteer at the Baldwin Park Shelter taking pictures of their dogs for networking on Facebook and other social media. I do it through a 501c3 called United Hope for Animals. We have a very successful way of promoting the dogs there. I didn’t happen to be there on 8/10 when mom and her 4 pups came in, but they posted a picture and mom looked a lot like Tully.

884317_10201679875616337_1645442082_o 1008823_10201679875576336_636250529_oWe had already been discussing the possibility of another pet, and we included our service dog trainer Crystal from Canine Hope in the conversation. Crystal had recommended we get a puppy, versus bringing in an adult rescue that may have unknown issues or disturb the dog hierarchy that has just recently been established. We also knew that we wanted a boy. Raven is a queen, and doesn’t like anyone vying for her crown 😉 . We hadn’t really considered a puppy, but adding Crystal into the conversation was good for us. Her argument for a puppy made sense, especially with as sensitive as Major seems to be.  As a side note, our kids have never had a puppy, so we decided that was the route to go for everyone. Now that the kids are back in school, the day times are a little easier to help with the puppy training.

Once we saw how much mom looked like our old terrier,  and that she had a boy pup, we were sold. Angus is a Maltese/Poodle/Terrier mix, and our guess is he will be somewhere around 10 pounds. Now, my first choice would have been something a little darker, but this isn’t supposed to be my dog. He is supposed to be for my wife and son.

So why the name Angus? Well, there has to be some connection to black, right? Angus cattle are black. Black Angus restaurants. Angus Young sings Back in Black for Ac/Dc 🙂 Angus is a black dog at heart.

1172435_10201679875976346_303234390_o 1149645_10201679875656338_196783191_oAngus just hit 8 weeks, and was finally completely weened off mom, so we were able to go pick him up Sunday. The whole family was rescued by Life4Paws rescue, and they still have Angus’ sisters and mom available (wink, wink)

So Angus is the newest honorary member of Team Blackdogsrule. We won’t hold it against him that he’s white. I’m telling people he’s a rare pygmy albino black lab.


Het Dad, he’s chewing on my tail again isn’t he?!?

9552700304_83abcd5925_b The labs are still figuring out what to do with him. He is the size of a guinea pig. I don’t think the labs even believe it’s a dog.

9552700346_cccd8a40c2_b 9552699454_70b5966e46_b 9549911065_249f80e208_bI’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Angus. And you might even see him start to do some scent training…

One thing you won’t see is me running a 10K with Angus. My wife already said no… 😉

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. Johanna DeGidio-Reynolds

    Love me some ANGUS!!!

  2. He’s so cute, looks a bit like our Bailey at that age! You guys sound as bad as us when it comes to collecting dogs!

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