We have Astro staying with us for a while (and yes, I realize he isn’t black 🙂 ). We are doing some training with him, working specifically on structure, place work, and scent. Today was the first day we started playing with low diabetic scent, using our homemade scent stick.


The scent stick is a 6″ piece of PVC pipe, capped off on both ends, that we have drilled holes in. We load it up with low scent (on the cotton you see), and then we can play fetch, have the dog handle it, or hide it. We started off with Astro on a 25 foot tether, tossing the scent stick a few feet in front of us, and having him pick it up and return.

Here you’ll see Astro having to go search for it, using his nose. He did great!

If you have any questions, just let me know. We will be playing variations of this game with Astro over the next few days. I may make a few more videos as things change/progress.

Team Blackdogsrule


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  1. PLEASE make more videos. I am amazed with these dogs. I have actually taught my dogs to stay with these videos using methods that you use. We are working on leave it right now!

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