With a type 1 in the house, sleep is a rare commodity. Regardless of what her overnight blood glucose levels are, my wife still wakes up at least twice to check her. If Raven alerts, and a correction is made, it is often times more. photo 2Last night was a good night. Stella had great numbers, and we got no alerts from Raven. Raven sleeps on a Kuranda cot on my wife’s side of the bed, and Major sleeps on Stella’s bed. I am normally up around 5am to go run, and when I wake up all the dogs go outside for their “morning constitutional” 🙂

But this morning I was in no hurry to go run, we have no major plans, so I wasn’t going to leave until 7. After I let the dogs back in, I let them up on our bed. A little treat for taking such good care of Stella.

Laurie always pretends to think it’s a bad idea 😉

photo 3

Hey Major, that’s my pillow!

photo 1

She didn’t seem to mind this morning.

Team Blackdogsrule

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