My mom (the kids “Nana”) had a birthday last week, so to celebrate, we took the kids, the wonder twins, and Nana to the Natural History Museum. I was running the LA Marathon the next morning, so it sounded like a great way to relax, spend time with the family, and calm the nerves.

The museum has been through some major changes the last 2 years, with a whole brand new dinosaur wing that is pretty awesome. There is also a great new cafe. They are still building out the outdoor space, so that was all closed off. More »

One of these times, I promise to shoot a decent, quality video of all of this, but as often is the case, this happens when you least expect it. I missed the beginning of the alert as I didn’t have my phone next to me, so what you missed was the initial Raven alert of her bringing me the bringsel. She sat in front of me, but I had to move her to get my phone, so she headed to the dog bed. Major did his natural alert, which is to put 2 paws on me and start licking my hand. On a side note, this video is better lit 🙂



So what does an alert look like from start to finish? Last night, I was able to take some really crappy video of Major doing a classic “Major” alert. I was sitting at my desk working on the computer, and Stella was in her room. He gives me “the stare”, then puts 2 paws on me. As for the rest? Well, just watch and see after the jump…

On Saturday, the whole family went to a memorial service. An amazing, dear friend, who has been a MAJOR supporter of our journey to getting Major (see what I did there?) lost his girlfriend 2 weeks ago. The service was at her amazing estate out near Ojai.

It was mainly an outdoor affair, with close friends and relatives. The grounds have miniature horses, cats, peacocks, and a pond with koi. We were sitting in the backyard chatting, and Major alerted. We checked Stella, and she was 138. Essentially a great, non alert number in our target zone of 80 to 140. More »

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