My wife and I were outside with the dogs, enjoying the quiet from the kids and a cup of coffee. And then it happened. Raven alerted. Both kids were inside playing Wii. And yelling. That’s how you play Wii, isn’t it? I didn’t get to my phone until after Raven had a pretty good grip on the bringsel.  More »


Major is alerting. This alert tells me the girl doesn’t feel well 😉

I feel I need to preface this post with a disclaimer. This blog is meant to be an honest depiction of life with these amazing dogs. And this particular post is a reflection of where I am as a handler, and how these dogs have been asked to fit into our family personally, based on the needs of OUR family and specifically our daughter, and is in no way a reflection of these dogs abilities, which far exceed any of my capabilities. This post is an effort to try and tell myself that I am still doing great with these dogs. Because honestly? Sometimes I feel like I am letting them down. I feel like they are Ferrari’s, and i am only qualified or ready to drive a Honda Civic. They are capable of so much more.

Have you taught you DAD different alerting behaviors to mark different types of issues? Something like a bow to signal a low, a wave for a high, or maybe hitting the right or left hand? How about grabbing some type of tool like a bringsel that is around the house or that you wear on your person?

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