On Sunday, a large group of Canine Hope for Diabetics families headed down to Oceanside. We all met at the train station and took a 2 hour train ride down. That was a great way to travel, as we are often busy at these events, and the train ride gave us time to chat and catch up with everyone, and made the time fly by! I believe the final count was 49 people and 14 dogs. The weather just happened to be amazing! More »

We are having a beautiful Saturday here in So Cal. It’s the first weekend in awhile where we didn’t have a full day planned weeks in advance. I started off with a 7 mile run with Major and Raven, then dropped off Raven at home to rest and headed out to Stella’s riding lesson.

We give Raven a lot of crate time in the morning as she is up so often during the night keeping an eye on errant blood sugars. She seems to like to sleep/rest in her crate between 7-10 am.

After her lesson, we came home and swapped dogs again, then took Raven out to lunch, some shopping, and back home again. More »

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