1920563_889170107777889_8138000872323637805_nToday was one of those days. A “perfect storm” in the diabetic world. And I blogged nervously through the whole thing on our Facebook page. I feel the need to put it all in one place, and explain a little more what is happening as we go through the day. The image above was our starting point. We use a technology which enables us to remotely watch the data generated from my daughters Dexcom. For more info on this, click “CGM in the Cloud”.

Our daughter uses an Animas pump to provide her insulin delivery. And the insulin we use is Humalog. For us (different people have different results) we find that we only get 2-2.5 days of use out of the Humalog during the summer before we require a site change. The heat causes the Humalog to lose it’s effectivity. Today was day 3. Why? Because she had great numbers last night, and woke up at a nice 139. We thought we would be okay. After breakfast, Stella started to climb. And climb. And climb. We waited a reasonable amount of time to see if she would come back down. She didn’t.

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Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch

I get asked a lot about the different things we use to help us manage my daughters type 1 diabetes. And there is a lot of stuff! Meter, pump, CGM, a dog or 2, it almost borders on insanity 🙂 But see, here’s the thing. Even with all of this stuff, up until recently, the only way we could know what her blood sugar was at any given moment was if she was standing right next to us. And as a parent of a young child, we REALLY want to know what is happening with their BS when they are at school, at a friends house, in the back yard, or just down the hall. Is that too much to ask? More »

photo 1Do you currently have a Dexcom CGM for your child? Have you ever wished that there was a way that you could see that data while they were at school, and you were 50 miles away at work? Or at dinner with your spouse or on a date, and wished there was a way you could know what was happening while they were at grandma’s or with a sitter? Or if your child was away at college in Massachusetts and you were sitting on your couch in Los Angeles? Yeah. This new program does that… More »

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