Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch

I get asked a lot about the different things we use to help us manage my daughters type 1 diabetes. And there is a lot of stuff! Meter, pump, CGM, a dog or 2, it almost borders on insanity 🙂 But see, here’s the thing. Even with all of this stuff, up until recently, the only way we could know what her blood sugar was at any given moment was if she was standing right next to us. And as a parent of a young child, we REALLY want to know what is happening with their BS when they are at school, at a friends house, in the back yard, or just down the hall. Is that too much to ask? More »


I get to do 1 of my least and 1 of my most favorite things today. At the same time. I get to talk about my daughter’s diabetes, and I get to talk about DAD’s. Join us live, or catch the podcast anytime after the show as Tami Neumann and I discuss both. Tami has been hosting a healthcare interview show for awhile, and she is also a mother of a type 1. I am currently sitting here, making some notes, drinking some green tea, and trying not to totally freak out as the nerves start to kick in.


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