1390541_10202189932367437_1415870114_nWish and Hope. We do a lot of that around here. Not far from a “wing and a prayer”. Kinda like living in a land of “almosts”. We are almost there. That’s where we live in the land of diabetes.That’s the rope we have to hold on to. And there are a lot of us hanging on to that rope. More »


20131027-IMG_5308We had a VERY busy weekend. We had the Color Vibe run on Saturday. On Sunday, 10/27/13 we had our local JDRF Walk to raise money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Team Blackdogsrule was there along with a lot of Canine Hope families. I am proud to say that our Blackdogsrule team raised $3135! So proud of our team! This was the first year at the Rose Bowl, in years past More »

Blackdogsrule shirtsWe are trying out a crowd sourced t-shirt company. We need to sell 50 t-shirts in a week to get this to go through. If we don’t sell 50, than those that ordered won’t be charged, but we also won’t get our awesome shirts 🙁 So if you are looking for a great shirt, and want to help promote all that we do here, order yours today! Blackdogsrule Tee’s! More »

8721046653_535c556c26_bMajor and I attended a JDRF sponsored coffee chat last night. It’s an event where a small group of parents meet without the kids to discuss whatever happens to come up. Last night there was 10-12 parents, and, surprisingly enough, after only 3 short years with our daughter’s diagnosis, I was one of the more “experienced” parents.

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Yesterday, we all watched the video called “One Day”. If you haven’t seen it, I have it linked below. In the spirit of “One Day”, here is what my 10 year old type 1 diabetic did today.
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