All the attendees to the 2014 Canine Hope DAD Conference

All the attendees to the 2014 Canine Hope DAD Conference

Once again, my track record for bursting into tears while talking about how amazing these dogs are, and all that they do for our family, is at 100%. If you were there, it was disjointed at best, and cut short as I couldn’t get through it. I always feel bad as I struggle with these. But I will give myself 1 compliment. I am passionate about what these dogs are capable of doing, both for diabetes, and for the general well being of their families. This is what my speech was supposed to sound like:

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Just a few images today from a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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We spend a great deal of time with dogs. Our dogs use/need things like beds, crates, harnesses, toys, training gear, leashes, collars, food, etc. We require things that are sturdy and long lasting, that work well, and that are easy to use. I will randomly post a piece/review on some of our favorite things, gear we love, products we use, etc. First up is our new Kuranda Reversible Pads.

For those of you that follow along,  we use Kuranda cots for our dogs to “place” on. It is their go to spot in the house. We have 3 of the cots, 2 in our family room, and 1 in our bedroom. We love them for lots of reasons, easy to clean, easy to move, indestructible, orthopedic, and they can be used outside.  About a year ago, we were in a contest, and won a fleece cover for one of our cots. That cot, especially in the winter and at night, is the “coveted” cot :), and normally Raven’s on it. Here is a picture of our cots, and you can see the one on the right has the pad:

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Keep Calm

Had some fun stuff recently that I wanted to make sure we shared. First up, we got a GoPro camera for Christmas, and have been working with it on the dogs to try and get some good video. I don’t think we have succeeded yet, but we are having fun 🙂

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11003235465_f8f15bb56f_bRaven is our night alerter. She sleeps in our room, next to our bed, on a Kuranda cot, as seen above. We have learned from trial and error, that if Raven sleeps on a pillow type dog bed, a foam mattress type bed, or in bed with us, she sleeps too hard and doesn’t wake up at night to alert. When she sleeps on the Kuranda cot, that is not an issue. She is able to wake up and alert just fine. That has been working well for us right up until… More »

With a type 1 in the house, sleep is a rare commodity. Regardless of what her overnight blood glucose levels are, my wife still wakes up at least twice to check her. If Raven alerts, and a correction is made, it is often times more. photo 2 More »

So, aside from the question “Why 2 dogs?”, the next question comes up alot.

“Why do you need a DAD?”

I will share just 1 of many specific reasons here. This will probably be the first of an on-going series of “Why a DAD?”.

As Type 1 parents, we tend to walk around in perpetual exhaustion. There are multiple checks at night. Our night goes like this, and I will keep it simple, based on an average night: More »

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