I ran the LA Marathon on Sunday. My day started at 4:15 am with a cup of coffee, a banana and a Cliff bar. That is a pretty typical breakfast for me before a long run. Once we got to Dodger Stadium (the starting line) I had a second banana. Once the race starts, every 5 miles I consume a GU energy gel and drink some NUUN Hydration drink in an effort to maintain and consume about 40-60 carbs an hour. More »

Scene from a morning run at Puddingstone

I’m going to run the LA Marathon this Sunday. This is not my first marathon, and it won’t be my last. But I am in better shape for this one then I have been in the past, and I owe a lot of that to these 2 dogs.

In training for this race, I’ve been running 5-6 times a week since December. On 90% of those runs, I have had atleast 1, and often both of these dogs with me.

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