RJ had a lot of training this weekend!

Meet RJ! I had the amazing pleasure of tagging along and shooting some photos of RJ and his type 1 person Lori this weekend. R.J. is going home with Lori today, another AMAZING Canine Hope DAD! R.J. is another puppy that I have had the pleasure of seeing raised from the very early stages of training to being placed with his family. And now, one of my FAVORITE things to do is to go and snap some pics of the new team on their going home weekend. More »

This weekend was a busy one. We celebrated my son’s 5th birthday all weekend, and went with a couple of Canine Hope families to the Arboretum.

We started off at the Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch. It is one of our families favorite places to go for lunch, and it has “dog” right in the name, what’s not to love? The picture above shows the family waiting for our table. They are in the “missing man” formation, as I should be in the seat on the right 🙂 More »

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