1661616_814261655268735_7488107394780660463_nWe spend a lot of time in the car. Always on the run somewhere, and in Los Angeles, prone to extended periods of being stuck in traffic. While we are in the front seat, the kids aren’t technically far away, but I can’t tell what my daughter’s blood sugar is doing easily or safely while I am driving and she is in the back seat listening to her iPod, playing with her brother, or sleeping. Raven, one of our diabetic alert dogs (a DAD for short), does alert in the car. But we noticed recently that it was noticeably less often, so we decided to go back to the drawing board and work on fine tuning it a bit. This post gives you some background on where we started, some things we tried (that did or didn’t work), and where we are now.

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1979156_10203364917621334_520525939442577090_oSpring break is over, the kids went back to school. When I got home last night, I told the kids that after dinner I would take them to the park to go run around. We had some odd blood sugars during the day (normally the case after a week away from school) and had to do a site change at 3am that morning, so we were keeping a close eye on our daughter. It was a beautiful afternoon though, and it seemed like a great night to be outside.

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20130827-IMG_3506Our son’s Kinder teacher asked if we could bring Major in to talk to the class about service dogs. Our son now goes to the same school as our daughter, but his class starts 45 minutes later. My wife and Major are always there for drop off and pick up, so we like to make sure all the kids are educated on proper service dog etiquette and educate them on what types of jobs they can do, so we were happy to oblige.  More »

20130707-P1010513The question has popped up, “why use a scent stick?” The answer is simple. These dogs love to retrieve. They think it’s fun to go out in the yard and play fetch with it. And while it is loaded up with scent (in our case, “low” blood sugar saliva on dental cotton), it is very close to their nostrils. The whole time they have it in their mouths, the scent is as close as to their nostrils as we can get it. More »

So as a photographer, you would think I would believe in the value of the tripod. Nope! To cumbersome and a pain to set up. So, instead, I give you these. More training videos of Astro using his nose, and as a bonus, a video of Major doing the same! More »

We have Astro staying with us for a while (and yes, I realize he isn’t black 🙂 ). We are doing some training with him, working specifically on structure, place work, and scent. Today was the first day we started playing with low diabetic scent, using our homemade scent stick. More »

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