820794_10200438489822468_188919927_oFor those of you that follow us on Facebook, you know my son is notorious for photobombing my pictures. It’s almost like a gift he has, a knack. At group events, he’s even branched out to photobomb other peoples images. More »

We have Astro staying with us for a while (and yes, I realize he isn’t black 🙂 ). We are doing some training with him, working specifically on structure, place work, and scent. Today was the first day we started playing with low diabetic scent, using our homemade scent stick. More »

We are constantly playing scent games and training with scent. When we have a low blood sugar issue with Stella (a BG level under 70) we swab her mouth with cotton a freeze it to use at a later date. Here, we are working with Major to “find it”. We have just taken a sample and left it out in the house for him to find. Sometimes we keep it in a pocket, or Stella carries it, or we can use it in specific scenarios, like with Stella in her bed with the lights off. We even have a “fetch stick” that we can fill with scent and play fetch with. More »

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