6206157611_ddae100a63_bWe do a lot of swimming with our labs. Retrieval games, dock diving, in pools, lakes, the beach. We have had several friends ask us how we get Major and Raven to jump like they do, and while I would like to offer up an answer of some sort, a training regimen we went through, the truth is, with Major, it took exactly 3 tries. More »

20130602-IMG_6099We had a pretty warm weekend here in So Cal. We took our kids over to their Grandma’s house (My mom, the woman behind Leave No Paws Behind)

Having 2 high prey drive dogs in Major and Raven makes time around the pool interesting. Our dogs LOVE water and fetching toys, and they both have great endurance. While it is a fantastic trait for a DAD caring for kids, when it comes time for those same kids to be in water throwing rings and dive toys and jumping, diving, and splashing, well, let’s just say the dogs go on “heightened alert”. Everything is amplified, the kids are excited, the dogs are excited, and it can spiral out of control pretty quickly. More »

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