8378321977_e421caab60_bOne of the things I wanted to work on at the Wildrose DAD conference was to get Major off his pinch collar. A pinch collar is a collar that has prongs on it to aid in controlling the dog. Major has always been a puller, and in his previous life, was abused with an e-shock collar, and has a very strong neck. The gentle leader/halti device always leads to him rubbing his head on the ground, so the pinch collar became our go to to keep life easy.

And let’s be honest. The issue has always been that I was lazy. We worked hard on other things with him, we had the pinch, it worked, and I moved on to other things.

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I learned a lot of things at the Wildrose DAD Conference. Not all of them dog/DAD related. Here are just a few:

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