This past week was a busy one again. We spent a lot of our time working with Astro, getting him all tooled up to go back home today. Yes, taday is his last day with us. We love Astro, and are so proud of all the work he’s done! We plan on following up, and hopefully working a couple of times a month with his family to keep him on target and working well.

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1008761_645493138812255_544248284_oWe have had Astro for 2 weeks today. We have been doing a lot of obedience and scent work with him in an effort to get him back on track. When I first picked him up, I was told that he was not alerting to highs, he was not alerting in the day time, and he didn’t have a set alerting behavior, like a paw to the leg, grab a bringsel, or nose tap. More »

9123060960_a02510915b_bBefore I talk about our camping trip this weekend, I would just like to say thank you to the team over at www.labradors.com. They did a feature on Major and Raven, and it turned out beautifully. I am so proud of this team, my daughter, and our whole family. We work hard to make life fun for our team, and these dogs go along way towards helping us. The team at Labradors.com really did their homework, spent time doing research on DAD’s, asked me some great questions, and put up a piece that I am very proud of. That interview is here: The Nose Knows

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On Sunday, a large group of Canine Hope for Diabetics families headed down to Oceanside. We all met at the train station and took a 2 hour train ride down. That was a great way to travel, as we are often busy at these events, and the train ride gave us time to chat and catch up with everyone, and made the time fly by! I believe the final count was 49 people and 14 dogs. The weather just happened to be amazing! More »

This weekend was a busy one. We celebrated my son’s 5th birthday all weekend, and went with a couple of Canine Hope families to the Arboretum.

We started off at the Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch. It is one of our families favorite places to go for lunch, and it has “dog” right in the name, what’s not to love? The picture above shows the family waiting for our table. They are in the “missing man” formation, as I should be in the seat on the right 🙂 More »

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