10268525_870183936343173_6098667844353937_nIn January of 2013, we experienced a massive shift in our daughter’s blood glucose numbers. Her overnight numbers skyrocketed, and we were getting unexplained, random, and unshakeable highs. The reason? Puberty. She has experienced tremendous growth over the last year, and is now 5 feet tall. Just between her June and August Endo appointments, she shot up an inch and 4 pounds. Since January 2013, we have been making constant adjustments to basal rates to try and keep her BG numbers in check. Her A1C test result that January (which would have been for the 3 months prior) was our best ever at 6.9. Her next one 3 months later, all though still great for puberty, was 7.3, and since then we have gotten her down to 7.1 and working or butts off to get her there. Fast forward to last Thursday. Laurie40Last Thursday was my wife’s 40th birthday. To celebrate I took the family to one of our favorite local restaurants. While we were at the table, I couldn’t help but notice that Stella seemed under the weather. She didn’t finish her favorite food, and she didn’t finish her desert, a build your own sundae. I was pretty sure she might have been getting a cold, and even more concerned that I over bolused her for food that she didn’t eat, so we kept a close eye on her BG levels.

At about 8:30pm, her BG started to rise. And rise. And rise. And rise. She wound up at 375 for awhile, and we continued pushing insulin all night. No rest for mom and dad, no rest for the dogs, it was a miserable night. She finally woke up at 167, but we couldn’t get her under 200 until after 5am.

Then on Friday afternoon we did a site change. And sure enough, at 8:30, we got another unexpected BG rise. She didn’t go quite as high, and we were able to knock it down a little sooner (by 4 am), but still a long night. Yes, our daughter normally goes high at night, but the rise never starts before 1am. She suffers from “dawn phenomenon“. We have her basal rates adjusted accordingly to counteract the effect, but starting at 8:30pm is new and very odd.

On Saturday, Stella was extremely active with her horseback riding and a birthday party that included lots of swimming/running around, and battling exercise induced lows all afternoon. After an active day like that, we normally experience exercise induced BG burn well into the evening. And while we didn’t go quite as high as the prior 2 nights, she hovered in the 200’s.


On Sunday we headed over to Nana’s house to go swim. It was hot here this weekend. Dash swam for a little while, but Stella didn’t feel like swimming. She stayed in the house. We only brought Raven, as Major had a VERY busy time the day before (read all about that, his awesome alerts, and the guests we had stay with us here: “The Vacation Post Part Two” ). While Stella’s numbers were good for the morning/afternoon, Raven was perched right at her feet not leaving her. I assumed she was getting a cold and might have been spilling ketones that Raven picked up on.  A short while later, my wife informed me she had to make an impromptu visit to CVS to get some things for Stella.  (we don’t actually speak in that dark ages code, she told me exactly what was happening) Once that started with Stella, with the exception of a miscalculated serving of maple syrup at breakfast on Monday, our numbers have been good.

First, as a dad, let me say AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not ready for my little girl to be so grown up yet. But as a care giver for a type 1, I have always hated all the unknowns, the variables, the issues that this disease throws at us in a barrage of what seems like constant flux. So I appreciate the fact that I now know the reason behind the random and miserable highs.

As a side note, over the last 3-4 weeks, there have been a lot of small changes that we have noticed with Stella. More interests in teen things. A change in musical taste and TV shows. A general moodiness had settled in. Junior High and all the physical changes have all kind of merged at once. The transition for us has been rocky at times, and I’m sure will continue to be so. But I have been waiting for THIS shoe to drop for a year. Glad it happened this past weekend, and not while my wife was in Boston next weekend. I would have done whatever was necessary, but I’m sure dealing with my wife was much more comfortable for Stella than having to come to me.

And so begins the next phase…

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. No wonder! Poor kid. It’s hard to adjust, especially with T1 thrown in, but she’s a tough cookie. I’m glad you finally figured out what was causing those crazy highs!!

  2. It’s okay! We didn’t take it personally =)

  3. Jacqueline Tennant

    Ahhh now that says a lot – what I loved was the final couple of lines saying you’d have dealt with it even if it had been the weekend your wife was away – My Dad was the best – I lost my Mum just after turned 13 – (poor Dad) but he was the most amazing man – and took the whole deal in his stride and was a real Pro.

    I’m Glad Stella has a Dad sorta close to what my Dad was – Amazing 🙂