Just got back from taking pictures at the Baldwin Park Shelter. We do this every other week with a group I volunteer for, United Hope For Animals.

We come together to take pictures, video, and write up a bio for each animal, all while spending time with them socializing them and seeing how they do in certain situations. This is all in an effort to network these dogs to get them adopted/rescued. The Baldwin Park Shelter is an LA County facility, and does practice euthanasia, so we have a very limited time to get these dogs out.

Today was a fun day. It’s so close to Valentine’s day, that we decided to bring in a bunch of props to help make the puppies look cute, especially some of the bigger dogs.

Ready to steal your heart

We even got some of the smaller dogs in on the cuteness action!

And of course, this month is Black Dog Syndrome Awareness month. If you are looking for an amazing companion, please go to your local shelter. They have some amazing animals ready to love you.
And here are a few more from our fun set-up today. All in all, we wind up doing between 70-80 dogs every other week. We have a 96% success rate with the animals we network, and in the last 2 years, we have adopted/rescued over 5000 dogs. I am exceptionally proud of all the hard work this group does.
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  1. Nice blog. Let me know if I can help shoot sometime. It is precious!!!