20131026-P1010918That picture pretty much sums up how much fun we had. On Saturday, we did the Lake Elsinore Color Vibe run with some of our Canine Hope friends. The Color Vibe run has a great, festive, fun feel to it. There are no clocks or timers. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much running involved at all.


Just a tiny bit of running


But there is colored corn starch to be thrown. And lots of laughs. And jokes about this being a “lake front” run. It wasn’t until we got to the finish line that we saw any water at all. It was mostly desert. But we had a blast. And laughed. A lot. The Color Vibe run (or it’s counter part “The Color Run”) is good for the soul. But bring a change of clothes. We were pretty colorful before we even crossed the starting line, and it only got more colorful after that.


Dorrie hasn’t even crossed the starting line yet


Corn Starch doesn’t taste good

We ran the race with Dorrie, her oldest son, and her family members from Saving Luke and Ashley from Canine Hope. A good time was had by all, and I am still washing corn starch out of the oddest places…

20131026-P1010896 20131026-P1010895 20131026-P1010865 20131026-P1010953 20131026-P1010949 20131026-P1010984 20131026-P1010977 20131026-P1010957 20131026-P1010940I’m probably not going to be able to do this for much longer:

20131026-P1010936We took Major with us, be he got to hang out on the sidelines with some of his most favorite people in the world, Crystal and Stefanie from Canine Hope. He normally runs with me, but taking him through and having him get corn starch up his nose just seemed like a bad plan. He did still manage to get into the spirit of the event though 🙂

20131026-P1010812 20131026-P1010987 20131026-P1010999After the run, I got to go take some pictures of Canine Hopes newest little Canine Hopeful. This little guy didn’t have a name yet, but boy is he cute!

10505072565_b27b6bb86e_b 10505280173_98fca0cf56_b 10505280843_69cf326245_bAnd how awesome is Stella’s hair after our run?

10505098674_876765c202_bAnd finally, a pic of Major and Able. Because you know what they say… Black Dogs Rule!

10505079296_38155bb3c0_bTeam Blackdogsrule


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