20131027-IMG_5308We had a VERY busy weekend. We had the Color Vibe run on Saturday. On Sunday, 10/27/13 we had our local JDRF Walk to raise money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Team Blackdogsrule was there along with a lot of Canine Hope families. I am proud to say that our Blackdogsrule team raised $3135! So proud of our team! This was the first year at the Rose Bowl, in years past the walk was at Dodger Stadium. But the Rose Bowl is set up a lot better for large events like this, with a massive lawn to set up on and grass instead of a parking lot. It was easier to get to everything, and we were able to meet up with our group at a tent that was scored by Luke and Jedi’s team. 20131027-IMG_5293The weather was gorgeous, and the crowd was MASSIVE! We had a documentary film crew following Stella and Major around, and there was also another documentary crew following Luke and Jedi around. We must have been quite the spectacle!

20131027-IMG_9017 20131027-IMG_9048It was also wonderful to see all the Blackdogsrule shirts around, and it is always a pleasure to have people come up and tell me how much this blog means to them, or that they know and love Major, Raven, and Stella. It’s still a little odd to have people come up and say “Is this Major?” 🙂

20131027-IMG_5348 20131027-IMG_5335We took our sweet time getting around the walk, as a matter of fact, we may have been dead last. But we managed to stay in a group through most of the walk, keeping the dogs together.

20131027-IMG_5387While on our walk, I was reminded that these are some of the bravest kids I know. We let the kids have some space yesterday. Some independence. They stayed together, but the moms and dads were in front and behind them. After all, this day was ALL for them. While we were walking (and it was hot) Stella felt low. She stopped. She tested. She had a person taping her for the documentary. She started at 122 at the start of the walk. Cue dramatic music as the camera was focused on the meter as it counted down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The number pops up, and she was 56. We hadn’t even hit mile 1 yet. We were in the process of walking for a cure. I’m totally ready for that cure anytime now…

1399404_713007545394147_1195615604_oWe had a wonderful time walking with our Canine Hope family. The kids all get along and have a blast together. And one of the reasons we love being together is because when our kids are together, they aren’t different. They aren’t odd. They are normal. They all understand. They all keep an eye out for each other. And they all “get it”.


Stella and Major at the end of the walk, and some great focus being shown by Apollo:

20131027-IMG_9098 20131027-IMG_5412

We hit the end of the course, met everybody back at the tent, and one of the families arranged a private room at a local restaurant.

20131027-IMG_5415 20131027-IMG_5430 20131027-IMG_5407It was great to have a big room all to ourselves. The kids and parents could talk, and the dogs could sleep.

20131027-IMG_5446 20131027-IMG_5448All in all, a GREAT event. Big thank you to the JDRF for putting on a great show at a brand new venue for them.

Major just wants everyone to know that he is so good, there is no need to clean up after him.

20131027-IMG_5368Team Blackdogsrule

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