20130812-P1020145Laurie told me an amazing story that happened today. See, both our kids go to the same school. But Stella starts at 7:45 and Dash starts at 8:30. They both finish at 3:15. So in the mornings, Laurie takes the kids and Major to school. They wait with Stella until her bell rings. Then once that happens, they head back to the car and wait for Dash’s start time. 

20130812-P1020193So this morning, They dropped Stella off and went to the car to wait. At their normal time, they headed to Dash’s class. Laurie went into his classroom to talk with his teacher about the upcoming Christmas party. As she was in the class talking with the teacher, Major started to alert. Stella’s class is a considerable distance away. Laurie left and headed to the health office. It was about 8:45. She asked the health aid what time Stella’s first check was. Major alerted again. The aid said her first check was at 9:20. At that point the phone rings. It was Stella’s teacher calling, mentioning that she thought Stella’s BS was high, she was fidgeting and unable to focus. The aids jaw dropped to the floor.

Laurie and Major headed over to Stella’s class to check her. She was 258. Good high Major. Our little show off 😉

Team Blackdogsrule


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  1. Does he ever alert to someone else being high or low?

    • He only alerts to 2 other people, Johanna, who is the resident type 1 diabetic that all the dogs from our organization spend time with, and Luke, a 4 year old type 1 our family spends time with. We don’t reward him for alerting to anyone else. No reward, no alert

  2. Bailey has alerted to me when Jason is at school and it coincides with when he has had a hypo that day at school. I figure he must be remembering or alerting to low blood sugars that he’s picked up on before he leaves for school and it’s a delayed alert to that..I wonder if anyone else’s DAD’s alert when their person is away from them.

  3. Johanna DeGidio Reynolds

    Atta boy, Major!!!!! ❤️