The week in review in photos. A possibly new feature, let me know what you think.


My wife had Tully for 15 years.


Major snuggling with a stiffed animal we called Tully, and that we put Tully’s tags on


The week started off pretty tough. We lost our beloved Tully monster to cancer. He was 16. RIP Tully. We love you 🙁


Raven is just about to alert to a high while at Jamba Juice

Stella and I took Raven to get Jamba Juice for the family. Even though Raven isn’t our “Public Access” dog, we still take her on occasional, low-key trips as training exercises


Major alerting to a high

1013764_644141595614076_1607829834_nWednesday was our company picnic, and I get to bring my daughter into work. And that means that I get to bring Major into work 🙂


Raven doing her best Lady Liberty impression


The labs wearing their 4th of July ties


Lab Shark!


Raven dunks her whole head under water


A sure sign of a successful, fun swim day at Nana’s

For the 4th, we packed up the family and the labs and headed to Nana’s for a full day of swimming and watching fireworks from her back yard. A great time was had by all!

9223683708_9ff07e47f7_oHad some time for Major and I to hit the trails.  I run with both dogs 4-5 times a week, but when we go over 6 (like we did on this day) Raven stays home.


For a little while, we will have 3!


Stella working with Astro


Astro and Major relaxing


Raven showing Astro how we do it


All 3 pups sleeping at my desk

On Friday we brought Astro to our house. He is another Canine Hope dog that is here for some extra training. We are working on his daily structure, place work, and some more scent training. You will be seeing more of him in the coming week. He will be here for awhile.

1015853_645847448776824_1975501559_o 1063997_645848035443432_378381989_oSaturday we took Major and Astro to my daughter’s riding lesson.


Astro at Target


Raven at Ikea


Major at the park


Finished off the weekend with frozen yogurt

Sunday was errands day. I took 3 different dogs on 3 different trips to get them all a little public access work, then we spent some time at home doing some scent training, and finally finished off the weekend with frozen yogurt at Menchie’s.

All in all, (with the exception of Tully) a pretty typical week.

Team Blackdogsrule




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  1. Love, love, LOVE the week-in-review, photo-style! 😉

  2. Agreed love week in review!

  3. I agree Frank. I think the week in review with pictures should be a weekly feature. I love it and can’t wait to see you guys working with Astro some more.