Welcome to the second Week in Review. This past week saw our first full week with Astro, doing some additional scent and real time training with him. He is doing very well, but let me tell you that keeping 3 dogs engaged, walked, fed, exercised, and doing training sessions with is exhausting. It is a lot of work, that doesn’t just seem tripled. It’s more than that.


He has been really good with finding the scent stick. He is also getting really good at alerting to Stella’s highs (with the onset of puberty, hormones have driven her BG levels higher than normal). But we see a lackadaisical effort in retrieving, so we are working on creating more enthusiasm.

The scent stick up close


We have been doing work with all the dogs doing scent work. Here is a video of Major, showing a little more enthusiasm and drive. You can also see how he works towards locating the scent.

I ate at this restaurant at lunch one day last week. I didn’t have a dog with me (I was at work), but I may go back with a dog soon, for educational purposes.

Raven continued proving that she is the class clown:

And here she is, showing why we don’t leave her and Astro alone together:

Here is a video of all three dogs telling us Stella is high. I love being in public and telling my wife “I think our daughter is high” ๐Ÿ™‚

I purchased a new harness for Major in our continuing effort to reduce pulling, and help on the trail runs. It is the Freedom No pull Harness recommended by several other trainer/DAD handlers. I am testing it out to make sure it doesn’t impeded with Major’s running, and at my speed, it doesn’t seem to affect his gait at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

1012008_647728635255372_270439985_nI love that you can use 2 connection points

As always, I managed to squeeze in a couple of runs. Astro isn’t 2 yet, so he has been staying home. It’s not a good idea to put so many miles on a dog that is still growing. Major and Raven went with me on Saturday, and Major went on Sunday. I try not to run Raven more than 6 miles at a time, and Sunday we did 9.

941207_649238171771085_532634433_n 9282374105_a891a7ca90_o

The dogs also spent some more time getting comfortable and settled with each other. Major really doesn’t pay much attention to dogs, he tends to be more human focused, and as such, he is VERY tolerant of Astro.

48012_648517275176508_938179240_n 20130714-P1010721

We went to a friends swimming party on Saturday, and Stella got to be off the pump again for a few hours. Love when we can do that!

1075411_649743675053868_1915313696_o 1072053_649743671720535_359316084_o

And of course, this blog had a huge weekend with visitors from all over the world reading Friday’s post. Normally we get 60-75 hits a day. We got 3500 on Friday, and over 7000 for the weekend! Thank you! We had some amazing comments to Things I want you to know about diabetes, so if you haven’t seen them, please go check it out.

And check this out, we made t-shirts! But in order for this to go through, we need to sell 50. If we don’t sell 50, you won’t be charged. So if you want to look amazing, while promoting this page and all we are doing here, diabetes advocacy, DAD’s, and talking about the awesomeness that is black dogs, here they are, please help us spread the word: Blackdogsrule T-shirts!

Blackdogsrule shirts

We also had a little fun with Astro and Raven, they are just way too cool.

20130708-IMG_9996 20130708-IMG_9988

And finally, I hear this a lot. “Why do you put so much effort into that dog?” “He was HOW MUCH?” “Shouldn’t you be doing that yourself?” and of course, “but he’s just a dog”

My response?

Tell me again

Yes, he’s just a dog. They are just my kids, it’s just my wife, and diabetes is just an illness…

Team Blackdogsrule




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  1. I love your family Frank. And I cannot stand when other people say “it’s just a dog.” No, both are my therapist, best friend, confidant, protector, comforter, and is better at all of that than any human- including my husband.

  2. I recently found your blog through a post on FB. Thank you for the “Things I want you to know about Diabetes” post. I have shared it so people have a better understanding about what my daughter goes though and gotten great feedback. Also, since reading your blog I have been thinking more about a DAD dog (know of any in Minnesota?) as we are thinking about adding a dog to our family. I look forward to continuing to follow your bog – Thank you!