We have had a crazy week here. Between the bombing in Boston (I’m a runner, and my wife is from Boston, so it occupied most of our waking hours), to the switching of insulin per our insurance company, last week was a complete wash here on the blog.



The name is Lab, Black Lab.

We are finishing up our first week on Humalog, and here are our findings so far. We are still dialing in Stella’s school time routine. Her blood sugar is running higher then we had worked to get her to with Novalog, but Laurie is paying close attention and making minor adjustments along the way. Humalog seems to work on food much faster then Novalog, and that makes me happy. Normally an hour after dinner Stella would be in the low 200’s, but now we are seeing 160’s. The dogs are still a little off their game, but they are coming around. They had issues with false alerts the first 4-5 days on this insulin, and they really took a liking to the 135-140 range. We had some good solid alerts on Sunday and Monday, and last night Raven was on it again after being walked through a couple of highs by my wife Friday night and Saturday night. All in all, this insulin may end up suiting Stella better as we get more experience with it. Our next concern will be heat, as we understand it loses effectivity in the heat, and may not make the full 3 days we are used to.

We spent some time at the PetExpo on Sunday with a few of our Canine Hope family members. that place is insane. We only took Major, as he is rock solid in public. Raven occasionally has a public barking issue, which is never an issue in a place where there are no other dogs, like a restaurant, the grocery store, or an amusement park. She also has no issue with other well behaved, obedient dogs, like the other Canine Hope members. But the PetExpo seemed like a little more then we wanted to deal with, and instead of setting her (and us) up for failure, she took a rest day.

But we did get her a bow tie while we were out đŸ™‚


If you are looking for a valet for your next formal affair, please let me know.

Team Blackdogsrule

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