This is what most of the media would have you believe diabetes looks like:


And that is a shame. It is an awful stereotype that many of us work hard to combat. Every. Single. Day.

I have had the honor of photographing many diabetics since my daughters diagnosis almost 4 years ago. And I’d like you to see what diabetes looks like to me.

Diabetes is an evil disease. But the people that are saddled with it are beautiful. Strong. Resilient. Wonderful. Caring. Babies. Adults. Kids. Teens. Mothers. Fathers. Friends. Neighbors. Thin. Healthy. Heavy. Blonde. Brown. And they are all my heroes. You wouldn’t be able to pick them out of crowd. See, the funny thing about diabetes is, it doesn’t care WHAT you look like.

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. Thank you Frank for your eloquent words.

  2. Johanna Reynolds

    These pictures speak a MILLION (not a thousand) words!!! Yes, Type 1 Diabetes is invisible, but our STREGTH is forefront!
    Thank you again, Frank, for putting all our thoughts into words, and in this case, photos!

  3. You always make this T1D mommy cry happy tears. Thank you

  4. Media has a tendency to only showing one view. Like in your Diabetes Community, there is stereotyping in the Autism Community too! Many tend to use Rain Man as the example. What they are forgetting is we are individuals and we are not all alike. Sometimes we need individuals Like you Frank and others who shed some light. Especially when it comes to our children we sometimes have to be their voice. I only knew a little about Diabetes, but I have learned more since I have been reading stories like Stella. Thanks for always sharing. And as Always, LOVE your Photos!

  5. They love showing obese people and linking it to diabetes. I’m a T2 and it was due to weight gain but due to steroids for another debilitating illness I have. I lost over 50 pounds of the gain in 4 months but it was too little too late because the meds put 100 pounds on me in 6 months due to the “practice” of medicine. My new meds make me Hypo-Unaware so I use a dog, have for 4 years now and i’ll never be without one again.

  6. Lori Van Ginkel

    Your words are powerful and your pictures have superpowers! Thank you for teaching about our disease!