20140201-IMG_6534Our beautiful, lovable clown Raven have been with Stefanie, a Canine Hope for Diabetics dog trainer for the past couple of days. We have had a couple of issues that we were dealing with, and we took an opportunity to have Stefanie work with Raven and stay with her a few days.


Both Major and Raven love Stefanie, seen here with them and tiny little Able who is here with us for real time scent training

Raven has always had some issue with public access work, barking, and some protective issues. These are part of why she is here with us. We have been working hard with her on public access, learning her limitations, and things like that. She is a great dog. But Raven was also attacked by another dog about a year ago. Since then, she has been cautious around other dogs, and it has recently been a concern. We are having that issue worked on with love and rewards and threshold training. And we notice some concern around cats. We may at some point add a cat to the household, so we wanted to make sure that would be successful. Stefanie has cats that are very comfortable with dogs, and Raven has been around them before. She also has a love for crayons. And that too is being handled πŸ˜‰ Since we have been working so hard with her, and feel that she is ready for more, now seemed like a great time to get some extra training.

1909242_10201900818739101_1636188838_o 1980135_10201900845459769_1294698544_o 1979102_10201900744777252_1329745957_o 1891363_10201900745737276_1069110104_oI am happy to say that it looks like raven is doing amazingly well. We will be going to pick her up tonight and bring her back home! She has also had some “leave it” training too, as noticed with the cheese stick and hot dog above

We swapped Raven with Able, a DAD that Stefanie is training, to do some real time alert training. He will be going to his new home very soon, and we welcomed the opportunity to have him stay with us and

work with Stella. Able has been a rockstar since he has been here. He has gotten some great night alerts in, caught a low after school, and was forced to deal with a stubborn high that took a couple of hours to come down yesterday. Today he is going to both kids classes, and will hang out as today is parent/teacher conferences. All things he will encounter in his new home. And we’ve had some fun taking pictures of him too πŸ˜‰


Able and Angus having fun


Able is leaving a Seahawks fan


Able likes to go for short runs


Able and Major hanging out

Can’t wait to bring Ray home tonight, she has been missed. But we have loved having Able here, he is a great dog! (and of course a member of Blackdogsrule)

Team Blackdogsrule


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