1979156_10203364917621334_520525939442577090_oSpring break is over, the kids went back to school. When I got home last night, I told the kids that after dinner I would take them to the park to go run around. We had some odd blood sugars during the day (normally the case after a week away from school) and had to do a site change at 3am that morning, so we were keeping a close eye on our daughter. It was a beautiful afternoon though, and it seemed like a great night to be outside.

My wife noticed earlier in the day that the CGM sensor was looking a little worse for wear. Today would have been 2 weeks with it in, so I decided to just change it last night. The Dexcom 4 takes 2 hours to reset itself, essentially meaning I wouldn’t be able to utilize the info it provides while at the park. No worries, we have years of experience without these tools. Right after dinner was finished we loaded up and headed to the park, with Major along for the ride.

1493547_10203364942741962_3118457954342563054_oThe kids had a blast running and playing, spinning, climbing and sliding. It is also a great place to take Major, as there is always a lot going on. Baseball fields full of little leaguers, snack bars selling hot dogs, lots of kids playing on the equipment, and there are 2 dog parks with lots of dogs running around (we don’t take our dogs to dog parks, or allow them around off leash dogs we don’t know) and we are in the path where many leashed dogs walk by. A great place for distraction work.

883758_10203364942901966_7033588482386215087_o I tested Stella when we first got there. She had been running lower since before lunch. She was in range, around 140. Most likely, I assumed she would still be going up a little as we had just eaten, and knowing we were at the park, I let her have some “free” carbs. (Her carb count for dinner was 55 carbs, but I only bolused for 45 knowing we were going to the park). I had 2 bottles of Gatorade with me,(our go to low fixer) and I promised the kids Menchie’s frozen yogurt on the way home.

10152427_810539435640957_9146381329483054904_nAnd then it happened. Not long after we got there, Major got up, licked my hand a few times, and bowed. I called the the kids over and I tested Stella. She was 74. Good low Major. Good low. Not all physical activities are created equal. She probably would have never gone low riding her bike, but the playground, or a jumper, a trampoline, these really cause her to burn off BS quickly. So I gave her 1/2 a bottle of Gatorade. (we normally carry the 12 oz bottles, with 21 carbs per bottle) I sent her back off to play.

1781103_10203364942701961_4208691895220365623_oAbout 15 minutes later, after being at the park for a total of 30-35 minutes, Major alerted again. I called them back over, and this time she was 73. I let her finish off the bottle, and told them they had about 20 more minutes to play.

10245307_810546068973627_2489383955522544388_nAgain, I had no CGM to check trends while she was on the playground equipment. I would have been testing her every 10-15 minutes to keep an eye on her, but in this case I didn’t need to. Major was on it. After the last alert, I made a little video so everyone could see how he keeps and eye out (or is that a nose up?) on his girl. Again, surrounded by lots of distractions, kids, dogs, food smells, etc.


I am fascinated by watching him work, his process, his amazing nose. After this, we packed up and headed to the frozen yogurt place. She was 125 when we got there. Good boy Major. You rock. Just one more reason we have a DAD. Proving his worth every single day.

I have one final picture to share. This is my baby. She is bionic. You can see her swinging like a normal kid on the monkey bars. But there is more. You can see her electronics that are plugged into her. Set into her skin with a needle. You can see her CGM sensor clerly. In the full res version of this, you can also see the tubing from her inset coming off her back. And you can see her waist belt that carries fer pancreas. My warrior.

1980027_810631245631776_4379534179478473226_oNo stopping her. And I certainly won’t ever tell her she can’t do something.

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. I saw this last night and was fascinated. Again, I am in love with all of these dogs.

  2. That is truly amazing. What is Major’s distance range for alert? My dog, Senator can pick up some at a distance at some times, but not always. I assume wind current and distraction are variables with this. Especially outside.

    • Frank Wisneski

      I don’t know that I could put a distance on Major’s alerting. It is easily football fields. He alerts accurately and consistently at the barn while Stella is horseback riding, and also at school from my sons class while Stella is in her class, and that is easily 150 yards away. While she is outside and he is inside or vice versa too