1548117_754204037941164_93245368_oMy dogs alert all the time. As a matter of fact, we just came in from a 6 mile run (We being Major, Raven, and I). I sat down to untie my shoes, and Major jumped up on my lap and Raven brought me a bringsel. We JUST walked in the door, and they probably were a little tired, it would have been understandable if the missed that one. I checked Stella, and sure enough, while we were running, she had breakfast. She was 218. Great high labbies!So why don’t I post about all the alerts? Because we probably get between 6-10 alerts a day, on an average day. And when people see how often these dogs are alerting, invariably the questions start.

“When will your daughters diabetes be under control?” “Why does she eat so poorly?” “Aren’t you watching her?” “What do you feed her?”

And the truth is, this is normal. This is managed. This is typical. This is with constant blood sugar checks, pumps, CGM’s and DAD’s.1239441_519688824772260_297999567_n

My daughter has a “safe range” her blood sugar should be in, which is be between 80 and 140. We strive to stay between those 2 numbers. That is our target. It is our focus. But let me show you what that is really like.

Think about rush hour traffic. You need to go 20 miles to your destination. But you need to get there during rush hour. You leave at 8, and you need to be there by 9. As long as you can average 20 miles per hour, you will get there on time, right? Sometimes you will be traveling at 65 miles per hour, and at other times you will be crawling along at 5mph. But you get there in an hour, averaging about 20 mph.

That’s what we shoot for. That’s how we manage this disease. Sometimes we are 60, sometimes we are 300. But when you average it out over the long haul (think A1c test) we hope to be somewhere around 130-140 a good majority of the time. Hope that helps you understand a little.

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