1390541_10202189932367437_1415870114_nWish and Hope. We do a lot of that around here. Not far from a “wing and a prayer”. Kinda like living in a land of “almosts”. We are almost there. That’s where we live in the land of diabetes.That’s the rope we have to hold on to. And there are a lot of us hanging on to that rope.

November is National Diabetes Awareness month. And just so you are all aware, we need a cure. We are wishing for a cure. We are hoping for a cure. We are constantly told that we are almost there. But not quite yet.

299215_10200816378509449_1085334055_nSo what can you do to help? Help us spread awareness. About diabetes. About the differences between type 1 and type 2. About the fact that insulin is NOT a cure. It is merely life support. Donate to the JDRF, Faustman Lab or to Canine Hope Find a local diabetic organization you can volunteer for. Write Wish on your hand, and when people ask what you’re wishing for, tell them a cure for diabetes.


Want to take it a step further? Try being a type 1 diabetic for a day. The JDRF is doing their yearly campaign to be a type 1 again. Or take the Big Blue Test and help raise money to buy supplies for diabetics in need. Walk for a cure.

We wear blue every Friday. We will be posting information all month long. We will educate. And we will advocate. Every. Chance. We. Get. Not just in November. Because on December 1st, my daughters diabetes doesn’t just go away…

Boy do I wish

Team Blackdogsrule

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