This picture is the very first picture I took of Major and Stella. I feel so bad, as I thought their anniversary was on 10/5, but we actually had Major placed with us on 9/25/11. It is so hard to believe that this amazing creature has been with us for 2 years. So, to the most amazing DAD team I know, Happy Anniversary!

8133083137_a2d5f698e8_bAnd when I picture him, this is exactly how I see him. Every. Single. Time.

6597558821_6e7da484ca_b 20130728-IMG_1349As we head into our 3rd year of working together, we become one of the more “seasoned” teams. I am so proud of how far these 2 have come, and their bond is amazing, and continuing to grow.

461214_610222972339272_537350341_o 467352_530894853605418_346795572_oThis skinny, filthy, washed up, unwanted, beaten and abused, worthless little good for nothing hunting dog has gone on to prove that amazing things can happen when you show a living being a little kindness. A little faith. A little hope. A little trust. Some compassion. A warm place to rest their head. Some love. Some respect. And a purpose. This little worthless good for nothing dog has gone on to save my daughter’s life several times. And he has saved mine too. And all he asks for in return is love.

560876_468845033143734_70609198_n 385122_323091641052408_446494834_n 9180922322_407a98b889_b(1) 6778888135_01c8780ce6_oA big, HUGE thank you to Crystal and the whole crew at Canine Hope for taking a chance on him bringing Major into our lives.

7331966954_074a636dec_b 6508939551_b98e4612ef_b(1) 6206158129_9a515b892e_b 6228508463_90b7aae13b_b8013808355_7865dffd0f_b(1) 7178380491_c8a971dd7b_o 7391394342_205559155c_b 8013807997_b4be6f73ca_b(2) 7292329480_6191af1afc_b 6811824388_838b8f8970_o 8064651271_dbf4b4f1c4_b 8117564161_b43a13c384_b(2) 8152789434_df562802db_b(1) 8152756163_63da498acd_b(1)It has been an amazing, event filled 2 years. Here is to many, many more. We love you Major. You have changed our lives. Thank you for all you do for our family.

7645075986_ae3f9d879a_b 8721457595_4e96076774_b 8726762563_eebaba293f_b(1) 8755605855_d7a1737dfa_b SUPERHEROES4.25X6.2520111210-IMG_5287 461214_610222972339272_537350341_o 460377_451884611506443_966172807_o 404503_626181827410053_1664646141_n 56369_517066718321565_554393049_o8133084291_676160b1ce_b


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  1. I absolutely love these pictures. And I don’t like that she’s in the hospital but I like that Major is in the hospital with her. I think dogs are such a tremendous healing force emotionally that eventually, the physical will catch up! All my love to your family!

  2. Love this whole post! Major is such an amazing example of how the right people can turn a dog around for the best. Congrats on your 2 years with him, you are blessed to have each other! It’s a win-win situation! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of Major being part of your diabetes team. I am so pleased to see dogs helping to alert on the highs & lows with diabetes. You are blessed to have have such wonderful dogs as part of your team approach.